Level 1

The Master Trainer Course is an invitation to certified Advanced Fascial Fitness Trainers who are ready to take over a teaching responsibiltiy and activley contribute to the Fascial Fitness Faculty. The completed participation of the Master Trainer Course, followed by a successful process of certification, authorizes the future Mastertrainer (Level 1)  to teach Introduction Courses. As the Mastertrainers are on the frontiere of  Fascial Fitness to teach and present courses locally and internationally we the Fascial Fitness core group  Daniela Meinl, Robert Schleip and Divo Mueller, carefully need to facilitate  the process of becoming a core member of our faculty. Therefore please be aware, that the participation into the Mastertrainer Course does not necessarily  lead  to  certification and the authorization  to teach Introduction Courses. There are a couple of aspects to consider  e.g. the demands and options of the national as well the international  market, as well as the needs of our organizational FFA network. For your orientation: actually we are looking for Mastertrainers, who’ll be able to travel and teach internationally (in English as well in other languages besides German).

One aim of the Mastertrainer Course is to deepen our connection as colleagues and teachers, the other focus will be to master the theroetical and practical contents.  Therefore we’d provide supervieion units in minigroup teachings, to  make sure  the future Mastertrainer will be confident with the basic contents for teaching FF introduction courses.  Provide  the organizational background information as well as getting you prepared to frequently asked questions around Fascial Fitness, having answers and tricks in your sleeves to master the tasks and challenges of teaching.  As the personality of a teacher creates the atmosphere in the learning  field,  we’d like to facilitiate your strengths and talents and  to be of any support in areas which neet be developped, to enhance your abilities  to become  successful in teaching this great work. At the same time we acknowledge that every participant in joining  the Mastertrainer Course has a rich and competent professional background, which we’d  like to offer back into the network of teachers. To us as well – the FFA  core group –  this Course will be an significant  and exciting event in creating an international Fascial Fitness Network together.

Please note: Course language will be English

Theoretical Contents:
  • Review on Introduction Course Power Point presentation and basic thereotical materials
  • Mini-Teaching presentation on the theoretical contents of each Fascial Fitness principle
  • Feed back and Supervision
  • Add on slides for special Interest groups (sport and athletic; somatic practitioners; rehabilitation)
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Organizational information: Mastertrainer Certification process and Licencing system
  • Review of scientific contents, actual scientific findings
  • Teaching skills and practical drills
  • Written multiple choice test
Practical contents:
  • Masterclass contents and didactic skills.
  • Minigroups: practical teaching skills, feedback and supervision.
  • Minigroups: teaching of the theoretical FF Principles. Feedback and Supervision
  • Review of the basic contents and powerpoint presentation
  • Masterclass development as well as teaching parts under supervision


Divo Müller
Kursleiterin, Senior Mastertrainerin
Dr. Robert Schleip
Guest Teacher, Telelecture
Daniela Meinl
Gastdozentin, Senior Mastertrainerin


Schreiben Sie uns an, wenn Sie Interesse an diesem Kurs haben: divo.mueller@somaticsacademy.de