Prerequesite for participation is the certified Fascial Fitness Trainer. Course Language is English

The Advanced Trainer Course is an invitation for certified Fascial Fitness Trainers who are ready to deepen their knowledge and take on an active role in the Fascial Fitness Network.

During four days, we offer advanced, high quality theoretical and practical contents relevant for Fascial Training.  In interactive lectures, the four aspects of Fascial Fitness (FF) (elastic rebound, fascial stretch, fascial release, sensory refinement) are presented the fast growing findings of the international fascia research. According to these fascinating knowledge we offer update practical application in individual exercises and Master Classes.

One special topic will cover the the application of Fascial Fitness principles in special target gropus and areas of of interest, such as yoga, pilates,  strength training, fascial toning or rehabilitation.

Look foreard to three Fascial Fitness Master Classes, and a specific focus:

  1. Basics & Athletics
  2. Yoga & Stretching
  3. Fascial Toning

As  a certified  FF Advanced Trainer,  you  are authorized to conduct Special Interst Workshop more,

During practical mini workshops a team of FF MAster trainers will  introduce you into a variety of  applications and options.  As well as we offer supervision and mini groups supporting your personal teaching skills in theory and preactice.  Hightening your skills as a fascial Fitness Trainer as well as a preparation  for  taking on the next step becoming a FF Master Trainer.

Topics and Contents
  • Latest News from Fascia Research related to sports, movement and health
  • Fascial Training: Myths, facts und actual questions
  • Current findings and their relevance regarding the 4 Fascial Fitness training principles: 1. Rebound Elasticity 2. Fascial Stretch 3. Fascial Release  4. Sensory Refinement
  • Practical application of each of the 4 Fascial Fitness training principles in individual exercises and Masterclasses
  • News on re-modelling of collagenous tissues
  • The importance of the extracellular Matrix  and for a healthy metabolism
  • Exemplary Master Classes: FF & Basic Athletic, FF & Stretching, FF Toning , FF Strength Training
  • Diagnostics and Tests: Hyper- und Hypomobility and healthy tonus regulation
  • Specific exercise strategies for hyper- and hypomobile participants
  • Supervision of minilectures and miniteachings in small groups
  • Mini Workshops and Introduction into several concepts of Special Interest Workshops
  • Fascial Fitness Network: Privileges as an FF Advanced Trainer, Memebership and international organisation
  • Support in communication with Social Media and PR Strategies
  • Ressources for academic and professional communication as well as tips for networking activities
Ihre Trainer
Divo G. Müller
Kursleiterin, Senior Mastertrainerin
Dr. Robert Schleip
Guest Teacher, Telelecture
Daniela Meinl
Gastdozentin, Senior Mastertrainerin


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